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100 Writing Prompts | TEFL Activity Cards

100 Writing Prompts | TEFL Activity Cards

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Within this collection, discover a delightful blend of concise and more elaborate writing prompts to add an authentic touch to your language lessons. While some of the cards serve as engaging filler activities, others possess the potential to be developed into projects. Additionally, we've incorporated tasks frequently encountered in English language exams, and some more creative prompts ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

They effortlessly adapt to classroom exercises, homework assignments, and as a convenient resource for early finishers. The possibilities are limitless, and your student's English writing abilities are bound to thrive.

If you are a busy teacher, then you need this collection of writing prompts in your TEFL toolkit. We hope you and your students enjoy using them!

To accompany these cards, we have also put together a great blog on Authentic Writing Tasks and FREE Authentic Writing Templates that you can use alongside these prompts. 

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email with a PDF to download and print. 

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