Food, Clothes, Classroom Objects and Illness Poster Set (x4) -
Food, Clothes, Classroom Objects and Illness | Classroom Poster Set (x4) £9.95
These engagingly designed A3 posters are simple yet very effective in familiarising students with well-known objects, clothing, illnesses and food and can help to bring a lesson to life by engaging students with their immediate environment. A perfect additional ESOL resource for any TEFL teacher's toolkit and are sure to get everyone putting their thinking caps on! Clothes and Apparel Poster  Learn the language of fashion with this poster introducing your learners to common English nouns for clothes and apparel. There’s no doubt your students will take their hats off to you for helping them learn such a useful set of words. Classroom Objects Poster Say what you see is one of the most important and long-standing teaching techniques. From rules to rubbers and felt tip pens, this poster of common classroom objects is a perfect tool for teaching beginner and younger students some basic nouns. Food and Drink Poster Are you ready to eat? This poster is an essential tool for teaching your beginners common English nouns for food and drink. From fish and chips to tea with milk your students will be delighted to get to know these building blocks of the language.   Illness, Injury and Sickness Poster This poster will ensure you don’t feel sick as a dog when trying to teach your students common phrases for various ailments. From toothache to headache this visual guide will increase your English language learners’ abilities to effectively communicate.   All posters have accompanying Flashcards and FREE worksheets. Make sure you check them out! Printed on A3 (297mm x 420mm) Printed on luxurious 250gsm silk paper
Animal Idioms Board Border -
Animal Idioms | Board Border £6.95
Letting the cat of the bag is just one of the popular animal idioms used in this cleverly designed and original take on the standard classroom poster format. This decorative EFL poster will undoubtedly promote creativity and spark the imagination of any English language student. At 1.8m long it is made to perfectly fit along the top of any standard whiteboard or blackboard. This product comes with double-sided sticky pads for easy placement. 
Common English Verbs Poster -
Common English Verbs | Classroom Poster £4.95
Our illustrated guide to English verbs is a great visual learning tool, featuring 25 essential verbs. From playing to winning and swimming to thinking this English verbs poster is a fantastic way to help your students master these vital building blocks of the English language.   The poster comes with a free downloadable classroom activity sheet. This includes some ideas to help you use the poster during your lessons. A perfect addition to any TEFL teacher's toolkit. Why not purchase our Mini Verb Flashcard pack as the ideal interactive companion to this poster. It contains a variety of fun classroom games to make learning English verbs fun for your students.  Printed on A3 (297mm x 420mm) Printed on luxurious 250gsm silk paper
Teacher Toolkit  – Poster Set (x3) -
TEFL Toolkit | Classroom Poster Set (x3) £9.95
Our range of indispensable and stylish English classroom posters will liven up any classroom and help inspire your English language students. Save money by buying all three together.   This original language poster set includes: 1 x Periodic Verbs Poster 1 x Colour Chart Poster 1 x Speech Tree Poster Printed on luxurious 250gsm silk paper. Size A1 (594 x 841mm) 
Periodic Verbs Poster -
Periodic English Verbs | Classroom Poster £5.95
Another fun classroom poster based on the periodic table but replacing the elements with verbs in their groups. A great tool for learning to conjugate and use the past participle for so many essential verbs, from physical or mental process to motion or transactional verbs. This is also a great way to engage your more science-minded students! You can use this ESOL English Verbs Poster as a discussion topic or a jumping-off point for various activities. To help you get started we provided a set of free activity ideas with each poster. Printed on luxurious 250gsm silk paper. Size A1 (841 x 594 mm)
Colour Chart Poster -
English Colour Chart | Classroom Posters £5.95
Recognisable from any DIY shop, this classroom poster is inspired by the famous shades of pantone paint posters. Our version of an English colour chart however is a tool for teaching students about idioms using different colours. So useful that we are sure you will “give it the green light” and provide your students with a “golden opportunity” to learn plenty of idioms with this poster. Every poster also comes with some free activity ideas for putting the poster to good use. This really is one of our favourite tools and we hope you enjoy it too.  Printed on luxurious 250gsm silk paper. Size A1 (594 × 841mm)
Speech Tree Poster -
Speech Tree | English Classroom Poster £5.95
This eye-catching Speech Tree is one of our most popular English classroom posters. The visually appealing design is sure to draw the attention of your students and help them easily understand the difference between adjectives and adverbs. They will learn how to differentiate between their pronouns and prepositions in no time with the help of this beautiful design! Every poster comes with a free classroom activity sheet. This includes some ideas to help you use the poster during your lessons. A perfect addition to any teacher's toolkit.  Printed on luxurious 250gsm silk paper. Size A1 (594 x 841mm)

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