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Our Authentic Writing Templates are a game-changing resource designed exclusively for TEFL teachers seeking to infuse an authentic touch into their language lessons. With this FREE downloadable set of 12 meticulously crafted templates, you'll effortlessly elevate your students' writing skills while immersing them in real-world language scenarios.

From composing compelling emails to penning captivating blog posts, from channelling journalistic flair into newspaper articles to crafting professional CVs – our templates cover it all. Immerse your students in the essence of genuine written communication across various contexts.

Each template comes complete with a comprehensive page of guidance for students, ensuring they grasp the nuances of each writing style. Additionally, we've included a set of list and post-it note tasks to set for your students. 

To accompany these templates, we have also put together a great blog on Authentic Writing Tasks and created our first Virtual Card Pack - 100 Writing Prompts that you can use alongside these templates. 

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email with a PDF to download and print. 

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