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Situational Role-plays | TEFL Activities

Situational Role-plays | TEFL Activities

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Enhance your English language classroom effortlessly with our comprehensive set of 20 Situational Role-plays.

Immerse your students in real-life scenarios encompassing restaurants, supermarkets, job interviews, galleries, and more. Each scenario offers a basic setup and five advanced variations, ensuring a diverse range of practical settings for language practice.

Detailed instructions, tips, and adaptable ideas are included to meet your student's needs and abilities to encourage communication and boost confidence in using English in the different situations they might encounter in real life.

Situational Role-plays encompass all four of the main language skills that students need to master making this resource a must have for your TEFL toolkit. So download yours today!

Want to know more about the benefits of situational role-plays for language learning? Then check out our Situational Role Plays For Teaching and Learning English blog here.

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