Royal Family Activities | EFL Worksheets


Royal Family Activities | EFL Worksheets


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This pack of four EFL activities provide an engaging way to explore the history and traditions of the British monarchy while improving English language skills.

Our royal family tree exercise provides an opportunity for learners to practise using familial terms while learning about the members of the British monarchy.

The out-of-order text on the coronation service challenges learners to read and understand the sequence of events that take place during the coronation ceremony. By putting the text in the correct order, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the history and traditions of a coronation.

Our crossword puzzle is a fun way to reinforce key vocabulary related to the British monarchy and coronation. Learners can work individually or in groups to complete the puzzle, which includes clues related to the royal family and the coronation.

Finally, the gap-fill activity on the King's early life is an excellent way to improve reading and comprehension skills while learning about the life of a British monarch. Learners can read through the text and fill in the missing words, testing their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

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