Third Conditional | EFL Lesson Plan

Written by: Larry Walder



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Following on from our previous blog article about useful activities for teaching conditionals, we thought it would be useful to provide an actual lesson plan which utilises variations of the ideas from the original article to show how they can be adapted to a more specific purpose. In this case, we decided on a lesson plan which is aimed at revising previously learned conditional structures and introducing the Third Conditional. We hope that TEFL, ESOL, EAL and other Teachers of English will find it useful.

Why the Third Conditional?

We chose this conditional because we know from experience that students often find it to be the most complicated of the four conditional forms to understand conceptually and grammatically. Even among ourselves, we realised that we have all learned and taught it in different ways and have gone through our teaching careers with slight differences in the terminology we use to describe and explain this conditional form. With that in mind, we have added some notes to the basic lesson plan format which we hope you will find useful. In the plan published below, we have kept to a fairly standard format which you could easily adapt to other topics you have to teach. If you normally use different terminology or would like to suggest amendments or additional activities to the basic plan, we welcome your ideas and feedback in the comments.