Back To School - Getting To Know You Activities

Written by: TEFL Toolkit



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As we enter the last few weeks of a long hot summer many TEFL and ESOL teachers will be looking forward to the start of a new term or semester in language learning institutions around the world. For some, this will be the start of a new contract in a new school. For others, it will mean taking on new classes in familiar institutions. For all teachers of English, it is a chance to start new classes and establish ground rules with new groups of students. It is an exciting time but can be a bit nerve-wracking.

The first lesson with a new group of students is always important. It is a chance to stamp your personality on a new class and give them an idea of your expectations. It is also an opportunity for you to get to know the students you will be spending the next few weeks and months with. You can begin to work out the levels of individual students and assess their strengths and weaknesses in regard to the key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is the first chance to glimpse their personalities and gain insight into any behavioural issues that could develop within your classes.

Most teachers of English have a few ‘getting to know you’ activities up their sleeves when meeting a new group of students for the first time. However, sometimes the things we normally do feel a bit stale, and it is always good to try out new ideas. In the following download, we have compiled a list of things which our teachers have found to be effective. Some of the activities listed might be familiar to you, others might be new. We invite you to have a look through and use any that are appropriate to your own style and the types of classes you will be teaching. Good luck with the new term!