Food, Clothes, Classroom Objects and Illness | Classroom Poster Set (x4)


Food, Clothes, Classroom Objects and Illness | Classroom Poster Set (x4)


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These engagingly designed A3 posters are simple yet very effective in familiarising students with well-known objects, clothing, illnesses and food and can help to bring a lesson to life by engaging students with their immediate environment. A perfect additional ESOL resource for any TEFL teacher's toolkit and are sure to get everyone putting their thinking caps on!

Clothes and Apparel Poster 

Learn the language of fashion with this poster introducing your learners to common English nouns for clothes and apparel. There’s no doubt your students will take their hats off to you for helping them learn such a useful set of words.

Classroom Objects Poster

Say what you see is one of the most important and long-standing teaching techniques. From rules to rubbers and felt tip pens, this poster of common classroom objects is a perfect tool for teaching beginner and younger students some basic nouns.

Food and Drink Poster

Are you ready to eat? This poster is an essential tool for teaching your beginners common English nouns for food and drink. From fish and chips to tea with milk your students will be delighted to get to know these building blocks of the language.  

Illness, Injury and Sickness Poster

This poster will ensure you don’t feel sick as a dog when trying to teach your students common phrases for various ailments. From toothache to headache this visual guide will increase your English language learners’ abilities to effectively communicate.  

All posters have accompanying Flashcards and FREE worksheets. Make sure you check them out!

Printed on A3 (297mm x 420mm)

Printed on luxurious 250gsm silk paper

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