Novelty Bank Notes | Classroom Rewards & Incentives


Novelty Bank Notes | Classroom Rewards & Incentives


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These novelty bank notes are on the money as great classroom rewards and incentives. They will enrich your teacher resources and encourage learners to come up with innovative and creative ways to spend their cash. A great addition to any teacher toolkit which won't break the bank!

The notes have many uses, which include role plays or drama scenes involving buying, selling, bartering or banks. Remember - money talks! 

Each pad of banknotes comprises £1,400 worth of notes divided into the following values:

  • 10 x £50 (£500) 
  • 20 x £20 (£400) 
  • 30 x £10 (£300) 
  • 40 x £5 (£200) 
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