Fifty Bright Ideas - Card Pack -
Fifty Bright Ideas | Card Pack £8.95
Every teacher needs a pack of activity cards in their toolkit, whether for TEFL lead-in activities and warm-up games to get your class going, or just to fill five minutes at the end of a lesson. This pack is a real lifesaver in all these situations and is suitable for all age groups and all English language ability levels. The pack contains fifty fun activities that will get your students thinking, talking, and collaborating while they learn. Some of them are real classics used by teachers for many years, while others are new ideas sure to inspire your students. We are sure you will find this pack enormously useful, whether you have been teaching for one year, ten years, or more.  
100 Writing Prompts | Virtual Card Pack -
100 Writing Prompts | Virtual Card Pack £3.95
Introducing our first Virtual Card Pack, 100 Writing Prompts. Within this collection, discover a delightful blend of concise and more elaborate writing prompts to add an authentic touch to your language lessons. While some of the cards serve as engaging filler activities, others possess the potential to be developed into projects. Additionally, we've incorporated tasks frequently encountered in English language exams, and some more creative prompts ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. They effortlessly adapt to classroom exercises, homework assignments, and as a convenient resource for early finishers. The possibilities are limitless, and your student's English writing abilities are bound to thrive.If you are a busy teacher, then you need this collection of writing prompts in your TEFL toolkit. We hope you and your students enjoy using them! To accompany these cards, we have also put together a great blog on Authentic Writing Tasks and FREE Authentic Writing Templates that you can use alongside these prompts.  Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email with a PDF to download and print. 
TEFL Toolkit | Ideas and Activity Cards Set (x5) -
TEFL Toolkit | Ideas and Activity Cards Set (x5) £29.95
The ultimate pack of ESOL Activities in one great value deal. This really is a complete teacher toolkit in a box, with five of our packs of topics and activities cards to get your students learning. Full of teaching ideas for English language learners, these packs ensure you will never struggle to break the ice with a new class or feel stuck for inspiration or new ideas with an old one. You’ll find games, topics, flashcards and discussion ideas for students of all levels and abilities. Included are: Fifty Bright Ideas Fifty More Bright IdeasDiscuss ThisObject LessonWord Blitz Don't forget to check out our latest pack, Mini Verb Flashcards, to get the complete set!
Mini Verb Flashcards - Card Pack -
25 Common English Verbs | Mini Flashcards | Card Pack £8.95
This beautifully designed pack of all-singing and all-dancing cards contains 25 of the most commonly used English verbs. They include a variety of fun classroom games that you can use in a multitude of ways, whether for whole-class activities, small group work, or even one-to-one tutoring.  They will have your students jumping for joy while learning some of the essential building blocks of the English language. These playing card-sized verb flashcards are the perfect ESOL resource for any teacher's toolkit.  These cards come with a free classroom activity sheet. This includes some ideas to help you use the cards during your lessons. A perfect addition to any TEFL teacher's toolkit. Why not purchase our Common English Verbs Poster which acts as the perfect visual companion to the card pack.
Fifty More Bright Ideas - Card Pack -
Fifty More Bright Ideas | Card Pack £8.95
The original Fifty Bright Ideas Card Pack was so successful that we decided to make another collection of great ideas for teaching English as a foreign language. So here are another great 50 classroom activities to help with TEFL lesson planning. It doesn’t matter if you are new to teaching or an old hand, these cards are a useful part of any TEFL teacher’s toolkit, whether you need to put some pizazz into the start of a lesson or finish one with a bang. The cards are clearly marked by CEFR level, meaning you can easily select an activity that is matched to the ability of your students and hopefully have some fun while learning. We really enjoyed coming up with this set of activities and hope you will enjoy putting them to good use with your students.
Discuss This - Card Pack -
Discuss This | Card Pack £8.95
These cards come in handy when your carefully planned lesson comes to a natural end about ten minutes before the bell rings. Simply whip out the pack and  have students discuss the topics shown on the front - it's more fun than it sounds! You can keep things simple and set up a whole-class discussion, using the cards as inspiration, or you can divide learners into groups and let them speed-debate the topics. You can even mix things up a bit using the pictures on the reverse, either way they save you from having to think on your feet, which is nice sometimes! The pictures may be used as a resource in their own right for any classroom activity requiring images, or for oral exams requiring picture descriptions/discussions. Descriptions of the activities can be found in the image gallery.
Teacher Toolkit - Ideas Set of Cards (x2) -
TEFL Toolkit | Ideas Cards Set (x2) £13.95
Every teacher has had that moment when your mind goes blank in a lesson and you can’t think of the activity you had planned next, or how to close out the last 10 minutes of a lesson after your class finishes a planned exercise more quickly than you expected. That’s where these cards come in, with a hundred topics and activities cards suitable for all abilities and ages. Some are great warm-up games while others are ideal TEFL cooler activities for winding down lessons. These are two of our best-selling products and we really had a great time putting the sets together. They really are essential parts of any set of tools for English language learners. The packs included are: Fifty Bright IdeasFifty More Bright Ideas
Word Blitz - Card Pack -
Word Blitz | Card Pack £8.95
Word Blitz has four fun games for vocabulary building and is the ideal way to start your lesson or indeed end one if you prefer. We think it’s set to become a big hit with students and teachers alike and hope you will agree! Based on vocabulary flashcards using English words, there are three ability levels to the games, so you can pick one that suits your students every time, whether they are beginners or advanced learners. You can play it in small groups or by dividing a big class into groups and pitting them against each other. It is definitely at the fun and occasionally loud end of EAL resources and you are sure to use these games time and again, whether you are new to teaching or an experienced teacher looking for fresh inspiration. Click on the images to see examples of some of the games.
Teacher Toolkit - Activity Set of Cards (x3) -
TEFL Toolkit | Activity Cards Set (x3) £19.95
We’ve put together three of our best-selling packs of classroom activities cards into one set of fun, fresh EFL teaching activities. This is a great value deal for English as a second language teachers looking to add to their activity toolkit. They are sure to help you entertain and educate students. The card sets included are: · Discuss This· Object Lesson· Word Blitz Click the links for full descriptions of each pack. We have no doubt they will prove a useful resource, no matter whether you are new to teaching or experienced.
Object Lesson - Card Pack -
Object Lesson | Card Pack £8.95
This is a collection of eight simple games relating to 50 everyday objects. Using object flashcards they are a terrific way to get your students learning the words for, and talking about a wide range of real-world objects and activities that will come in genuinely useful for their learning. As ESOL resources some of the games may be familiar but having 50 everyday objects in your pocket wherever you are teaching is phenomenally useful for lesson planning and you can always make up your own activities using the objects too.  Click on the gallery for examples of the objects and to see some of the activities included.

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