Top YouTube Channels for TEFL Teachers and English Language Learners

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Finding the best resources for teaching or learning English can be an overwhelming experience. A brief internet search brings up countless options, but where do you start? To make life a little easier, we’ve trawled the internet and put together two top ten lists of YouTube channels which we think are worth checking out. The first list is for TEFL teachers and the second is for English language learners.

Top YouTube Channels for TEFL Teachers

Whether you are looking to start a career in TEFL, are a newly qualified teacher or are on the lookout for new ways to teach English, then this list of top ten YouTube channels for TEFL teachers is the perfect starting place. Here you will find a mixture of channels which explore different qualifications, teaching skills, and channels offering a personal insight into the world of TEFL. There really is something for everyone!

If you are interested in teaching online yourself, want to start your own channel, or are just interested to see how others teach English on YouTube, our top ten list of YouTube channels for English language learners will give you the knowledge to achieve this.

Cambridge University Press ELT - 226K subscribers

The Cambridge University Press ELT channel states ‘If you’re looking for English Language Teaching resources, teaching tips and ideas, or information about the latest ELT courses, you’ve come to the right place.’ With a wide variety of videos available, this is a fantastic resource hub for teachers or anyone looking at starting a career in TEFL.

Mooncake English - 89.7K subscribers

Mooncake English’s channel has an impressive following and the quick, upbeat videos are sure to be a hit with many. They claim to be able to tell you everything you require to teach English as a second language, from game ideas to classroom management tips, Mooncake has everything you need. Can’t argue with that!

Games4esl - 81.2K subscribers

The Games4esl channel has a range of materials for teachers to use in ESL/EFL classrooms. With the focus on games and quizzes, there are some handy quick resources here that can also be used to inspire some ideas of your own.

Etacude English Teachers - 74.2K subscribers

Etacude English Teacher’s channel offers many teaching tips and ideas for games as well as some personal experiences of teaching English. It covers a lot of bases, so could be a used as an all-rounder for teachers.

Ninja Teacher - 49K subscribers

Looking to teach English in Asia? Then Ninja Teacher’s channel is a must-watch. Full of first-hand experiences of living and teaching English there, it’s bound to become a great source of information for any teachers travelling to this part of the world.

That Teacher Chris - 25.7K subscribers

Another good all-rounder channel, That Teacher Chris has a variety of videos covering how to teach certain topics such as grammar, managing classroom behaviour as well as personal experiences of teaching abroad.  

International TEFL Academy - 25.6K subscribers

As well as answering questions you may have about the necessary qualifications to teach English as a Foreign language, the International TEFL Academy’s channel runs a series of ‘A Day in the Life’ videos. This may be just what you need if you are trying to decide where you want to teach.

ELT Experiences - 9.75K subscribers

ELT Experiences channel is full of videos covering everything from, as you guessed it, experiences of English language teaching, exam tips and teaching tips. It’s well-established and run by an experienced teacher.   

Just Teach (by Little Mary) - 6.27K subscribers

Although a relatively new channel, Just Teach has some great tips for teaching English. This could be a good resource if you are struggling to find information on certain teaching points. The channel also collaborates with other YouTuber teachers so you may find more than one useful contributor here.  

Oxford TEFL - Teacher Training - 3.86K subscribers

Being a teacher training institution, Oxford TEFL Teacher Training’s channel is largely focused on what courses they have to offer. There are some top tips on how to complete the courses and some personal experiences from those who have taken a course. Ideal for anyone considering a career in TEFL. 

Top 10 YouTube Channels for English Language Learners

English lessons with native speakers, whether online or in-person, are of course the best option if you want to learn English, but if you are struggling to find an English teacher, or just want some English tips, then take a look at our top ten YouTube channels for English language learners below.

They all vary from the formal to the informal and cover a whole range of topics meaning you are bound to find a channel that will make learning enjoyable. 

English with Lucy - 7.66M subscribers

English with Lucy is a great channel for language learners with a native British speaker. Offering in-depth engaging videos, plus free PDFs and quizzes, it’s easy to see why she has so many subscribers!

mmmEnglish - 4.73M subscribers

This Australian English language channel has hundreds of English lessons aimed at vocabulary building, pronunciation and grammar. With so many lessons, it could be the channel to visit if you are looking for help with a specific language point.

BBC Learning English - 4.07M subscribers

The BBC’s Learning English channel should be a go to for language learners. With multiple videos added every week, covering a range of topics including pronunciation, it’s a hub of information from a credible and reliable organisation.

Learn English with Rebecca · engVid - 2.81M subscribers

Learn English with Rebecca is just one of the many YouTube channels from engVid. With hundreds of quick and informative videos and new content added regularly, engVid is worth a look. Rebecca is native to America, but if this isn’t right for you, there are plenty of other teachers that can be found on their website here.

Oxford Online English - 2.62M subscribers

Oxford Online English’s channel has a wide range of videos covering exam preparation and topics such as vocabulary and grammar. Although no new videos have been added for the last few months, there are plenty there to get you started with learning English. Their website is also useful and can be found here.

English Addict with Mr Duncan - 982K subscribers

English Addict with Mr Duncan has been running since 2006 with over 1,000 videos with new ones added regularly. These quick lessons with a native British speaker could be just what you need to get excited about learning English.

English Like A Native - 811K subscribers

If you are looking to learn pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar as well as information on British culture and traditions, then take a look at English Like a Native. New videos are added every week so it’s a good one to keep going back to.

Eat Sleep Dream English - 484K subscribers

Eat Sleep Dream English has a great mix of light-hearted and knowledgeable videos. With some help from celebrities, and some lessons in all things British, this is a much more informal way to learn English.

Britlish - Learn British English - 186K subscribers

Britlish videos use animated characters to teach English which some may find more engaging. There seems to be a focus on learning English through poetry in the most recent videos, so this channel may suit more advanced language learners. However, if you are willing to scroll back, there are some to suit lower levels too.

English with LinguaTrip! - 87.8K subscribers

English with LinguaTrip’s channel hosts over 300 short videos teaching vocabulary, pronunciation, culture and much more making it a good all-rounder, especially for specific language points rather than whole lessons. This is an American channel though, so be aware that there will be some differences if you are used to learning British rather than American English.  

We hope that these lists will help you on your journey of teaching or learning English. If you have come across, or know of any other great YouTube channels, please leave a comment and share them with others!

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